Pieces exhibited in the Kit’n Caboodle’s space embody emotions and experiences perceived in the story The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids by Brothers Grimm. 
I’m currently creating hand drawn, small to medium sized, mixed media illustrations using ink, watercolours, and acrylic paints. Majority of my inspiration is birthed from my heart and fuelled by my spiritual practice. My pieces have been described as being esoteric, sensual, raw, and feminine. As always the art continues to evolve. 
As an artist I wish to share the transformational visions of my heart and my higher self.
Blessings & Love, 
Sabrina Vasquez

Exhibit: Sleep & Dreams, Kit’n Caboodle Artwork Names: Destructive Mother. Two Faced. Fear. The Dance of Genders.

Email: sabrinaavasquez@gmail.comInstagram: @iamartsvb