Jillian Wu


Jillian Wu is a self-taught artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Thai father and Singaporean mother. As a young girl, she traveled between Honolulu, Singapore and Bangkok before living in New York City, Shanghai, and Chiang Mai. She draws her inspiration from people and places she has visited, capturing her experiences through delicate layers of watercolor. Her work reflects a mixed identity found in this increasingly globalized world as well as the fusion cultures in modern society. 

Layers & Myth is Jillian Wu’s most recent series of paintings. These series were meant to capture the essence of oral tradition where stories are handed down from generation to generation and never forgotten. Cultural identity and the legends that encompass the spirit of Thailand are expressed through feminine energy. Perhaps one can feel a transient nature of this collection, painted during travels in Jaipur, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.